Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Be a part of KFC family sometimes require you have to be more patient…’s need a lot of patient…especially when you have to deal with the work itself. KFC always practicing “clean as you go”, means when you done doing your job. You have to make sure the whole thing including equipment cleaning and your working place is clean too. Or else you punch card will not be signed by the manager. After that sometimes, when there is extra work for you, you have to completed the work before the date line…it’s compulsory for you to be done within the period. Second, your teammate behaviour, I work as a cashier sometimes lobby or back-up, and somehow you will work with different people every day. Mostly when you are working with someone that always Missing In Action (MIA) claiming that he is going to toilet or have another work….you are in a big problem… and I had experienced this, I work with this guy last weekend, and it’s hell…just imagine only you operating the whole lobby…..and after that the manager start to mumbling….ask to mop the floor..Sweep the floor…and tell them…I just have two hands and I cannot work with this kind of situation and then my mood turn upside down. Third, dealing with customer behaviour. I work as a cashier, sometimes it’s run smoothly or badly. How can it be bad? When i have to deal the customer that we can consider as to fussy about the chicken. Customers are usually requested a part of chicken that they want…like breast or thigh or drumstick. But imagine if you have to deal with 10 snack plate or dinner plate with no drumstick or wings. And i always facing to this kind of problem ad yet i have to explain to the customer that we have to balance the chicken so that other customer should have equally chicken part. But how if the customer does not want to listen to us, then i will say “kalau anda tak nak drumstick or wings, takkan saya nak serve customer lain makan wing dan drumstick je…dorang pun nak makan ayam kfc…kecian dorang nanti”….this is my word…and I don’t really care if the manager will get angry with me..Since I’m the one who’s have to handle the chicken not them… so my advice to the customer…avoid from requested chicken part just think about other people…put yourself in their shoes.


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