Reasons for getting fat

Reasons for getting fat

Two thirds of the people in the United States are overweight and one third are considered clinically obese. But very few people are aware of how they actually got there.
This article is designed to help you understand main reasons for getting fat and save yourself from it. reasons for getting fat
Obesity results when the energy intake exceeds expenditure for a long period. In other words when you consume more than spend, energy transforms in fat. Some people have very high level of metabolism, they can eat whatever they want and don’t make much exercise and always look slim! But organisms of the majority don’t spend so much energy. That’s why if we eat caloric food and don’t move a lot we see changes in our shape (not always pleasant)!
So there is a simple formula: reasons for getting fat
Here are the two main reasons of obesity !Lets deal with the first part of this equation – your diet.
The diet. Here we’ll consider the quality of the food an give you an idea of unhealthy meal, that is as a rule reach in calories. reasons for getting fat, reasons for getting fat
Carbonated soft drinks.The first thing in getting weight is addiction to caffeinated soft drinks. You can start by purchasing a 12-pack of any soft drink beverage in grocery stores and consuming it at every possible opportunity, including breakfast. This is an absolutely wonderful way to pack on the pounds, because soft drinks are made with high-fructose corn syrup. When this ingredient is consumed, it spikes the blood sugar in your body. This sends an emergency signal to your pancreas, which produces increased levels of insulin in order to keep the blood sugar levels from going too high. This insulin signal is picked up by the cells in your body, which then remove blood sugar from your bloodstream and, through a somewhat complex biological process involving the liver, manage to store that blood sugar as body fat.
If you drink enough soft drinks with enough frequency, you will be well on your way to achieving your goal of gaining 100 lb in 12 months or less.
High caloric density foods. If you read the ingredients label, you’ll find these foods are made with ingredients like hydrogenated oils, white flour, sugar and other ingredients that have a very high caloric density.
So you can pack in a couple of thousand calories in one sitting without topping off your stomach. The best way to gain weight fast is to eat cheese, fried foods and lots of white bread and of course pizza which not only has a high caloric density from the cheese and whatever meats are on the pizza, but it also has the high glycemic index that accompanies the white flour crust.
Junk foods. A bag of potato chips provides an impressive quantity of dietary fats as well as refined carbohydrates – and various nacho chips and other snack foods operate in much the same way.You can also accelerate your weight by turning to fried foods. Fried foods have very high caloric density and the batter in which these foods are fried is normally made with white flour, so you also get the high glycemic index effects from the carbohydrates in the batter as well as the absurdly high caloric density of the fried fats.
Well now lets turn to the second part of equation – energy expenditure. The less you move the less calories you spend and the more fat you gain. If you avoid walking, spend a lot of time in front of the television, take elevators instead of the stairs and don’t sign up for any physical activities or spend much time outdoors you have a good chance to pack on several pounds. reasons for getting fat, reasons for getting fat,
Some of the best strategies for lowering your energy expenditure include getting a desk job, finding parking spaces as close as possible to the stores where you shop so you don’t spend much time walking across the parking lot, and of course purchasing one of those electric chairs or scooters so that you can get around town without having to walk at all. Avoiding physical exercise has a second effect — it also causes your body to break down the existing muscle mass that you have today. And by breaking down muscle mass, your metabolism will be slowed even further. This will allow you to pack on the pounds almost automatically.
Remember that when you don’t use your muscles, your body gets rid of them. That’s because your body adapts to the level and intensity of physical exercise you choose to pursue. The quickest way to get rid of the muscles that you don’t want is to simply stop using them, and your body will take care of the rest. r
reasons for getting fat

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