Industrial Chemistry between Chemical Engineering?

The difference between industrial chemistry and chemical engineering such as industrial chemists make use of their broad understanding of chemistry and environmental sustainability in areas like pharmaceutical companies, polymer manufacturing, petrochemical processing, food science, and manufacturing industries while a chemical engineer deals with the whole process of changing raw materials into a useful, marketable product, an industrial chemist would look specifically at the nitty gritty science stuff, scrutinising the chemical components and designing a ‘method’ for the product then work out the best way to make it. The industrial chemist precedes the chemical engineer in the process of bringing something to market.

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  1. Hi Ignatius. I would really wanna know the details between chemical engineering and industrial chemistry. I’m on going to choose between those two course for my degree. Did you mean that chemical engineering is the suitable course for making products and marketing it? That’s my dream. Can you pls giving any info for it. Tq.

    • Hi…miss afiqah.. btw..sorry for the delay. Actually i’m not really sure about chemical engineering…but from what did i heard from my friend.. Chemical engineering is a course that implement both engineering and chemistry but for chemical engineering, they are more focusing on engineering. They are more concerned with the design, construction, and operation of machines and plants that perform chemical reactions to solve practical problems or make useful products. whereas…in industrial chemistry..we are likely focus into the production like production of palm oil..handling with the chemical..purpose a new material like carbon nanotube, zeolite, geopolymer and for industrial chemistry, we will deal with the subject like organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry..physical..analytical and so much more but indeed this two course are interesting to be explored. i hope my explanation do answer your question.

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