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Sejenak di Bazaar Labuan

So, hari ini berjalan di bazaar Labuan…di sekitar Jalan Dewan.. Jalannya dengan Cik Siti Nurfitriyah dan Datuk Azlan…. Lepas tu mesti ada penjual bazaar kat jerit kat kami untuk membeli di gerai mereka….”tukar selera la abang dan kakak KFC….tak kan ayam je”.  Berjalan-jalan (menghabiskan tenaga je), bukan banyak pun barang makanan yang nak dibeli sebabnya hampir semua makanan sama je. Langsung takde perbezaan, sama je semua gerai..kalau nak beli ayam panggang…masalah terlalu banyak. Nak beli mee goreng, aku pula terlalu cerewet, kalau nak beli kuih. Kuih kegemaran aku pula jarang kena jual..kononnya susah nak dibuat.

Di akhir lawatan, bertemu pula dengan lecturer KML….Miss Amal…n the Geng….  Bak kata orang : Selamat Berpuasa kepada semua……

10 Mistakes When Men Dress Formal

10 Mistakes When Men Dress Formal

For the last century, fashion for the men is not really important.  But in this century, it is a necessity for men to fashion. Appropriate fashion shows our true identity. However, there are certain men who are not concerned about fashion as for them is not really important for them to dress up. Good fashion does not necessarily indicate that we are “perfect”. 70% of men still take 30 seconds to fashion. As short time is certainly not enough to look good and produce for us. Fashion and appearance must match the environment. Error is a normal fashion. However, try to avoid 10 offenses under.

1. Using short-sleeve dress with a tie. – Real short-sleeved clothing it’s not feasible with the use of a tie. You should wear long sleeves.

2. Ugly shoes. – There are many among men who have not done more right shoe parts. Among women, shoes are something important. Your shoes should be is in good condition, shiny and neat. If you wait for a black suit, black shoes are also used. Repair of damaged shoes, and do not use before.

3. Pants those are too short. – Pants should cover the socks and your socks too must be is long enough to cover any part of your feet walking. Your pants should cover the back of the shoe. This is important so that the shorts are not lifted too high when walking and sitting.

4. Socks are not suitable. – Gloves should fit with the color of the feet that wear pants. If you wear work clothes and black pants, black socks use. Avoid colors like white, red, green and others. Offences of this color will make you like a clown.

5. Belt. – Belt must match your shoes. Avoid belts that have been damaged, sallow, and rust. Use strap medium-sized plate, not too big or too small.

6. Position the tie. – Position of the tie you have to is how close to the belt. Do not get too high, and do not get too down. Tie should also be tied tightly.

7. Clothes that is too large. – This is a big mistake! Do not use the clothes that did not correspond to your size. Like, if you’re skinny, do not wear size “L”. And if you’re big, do not wear size “M”. This is important for working clothes. Because, this mistakes show that you are not professional.

8. The use of color does not match the skin color. – The selection should be appropriate to you, such as eye color, skin color, and shape. For example, if you have pale skin color, avoid white clothes.

9. Excessive use of color. – Limit state use of color. Clothing should have a one to three colors to show any professional.

10. Use of excess fabric. – Malaysia is one of the hot weather. So, choose fabrics that match the weather. Some of us like to use a relatively thick fabric. Cotton is the fabric that is ideal for our clothes.



This highly 10 mistakes in fashion above are among the most frequently performed. And you should avoid 10 of these mistakes. Remember, people will see our first appearance before others, so make sure you look anyone could win the day.


I read this articles and  I love to share this article so that all of us can improve urself to the better one…